Philip Armson

Philip Armson 2022_jockey

Philip Armson Grand National Wins

Philip Armson has never won the Grand National.

Their best finish to date was in 2022 with Romain De Senam who came 10th.

Full Results

Year Horse Result Prize Money Trainer
2022 Romain De Senam 10 £5,000 David Pipe

Philip Armson is a young jockey looking to find his place in the racing world. Success has come, but not at the top level yet, though he is being involved in bigger races all the time. The Grand National is one of the biggest on the calendar, a race that could make him an overnight star if he was ever to win it, and while he’s yet to do that, he has tasted what it’s like, with his first ride in the race in 2022.

An early connection with the David Pipe team has given Armson plenty of opportunities to showcase his skills so far, and there have certainly been promise in the early years of his career.

David Pipe gave him an opportunity and rode one of the big outsiders of the race, Romain De Senam. The pair completed the course, something that not all jockeys can say about their first Grand National ride, and respectably finished in 10th position.

This was a solid starting point for Armson, who will be looking to build relationships, gain trust and ultimately gain further big race rides in the future in the hope of one day winning a race such as the Grand National.