1975 Grand National: Results, Runners & Fallers

Whether you were into horse racing or not, 1975 was going to be a big feature on the calendar for all. Everybody wanted to find out if the nations favourite, Red Rum was going to make his hattrick and land his third Grand National Hatrick. National newspapers and magazines had the horse as their cover star, using him to sell magazines, interviewing everyone around him.  Everyone wanted a piece of Red Rum. He was listed as the clear favourite and judging by his form in the previous races in the run up to the big day, he really showed the full promise. However, it wasn’t meant to be. Red Rum was beaten by another favourite, L’Escargot, by a very comfortable 15 lengths.



Result Horse Starting Price Age Handicap Prize Money Jockey Trainer
1 L'Escargot 13/2 12 11-3 £38,005 Tommy Carberry Dan L Moore
2 Red Rum 7/2 10 12-00 £11,590 Brian Fletcher Donald ‘Ginger’ McCain
3 Spanish Steps 20/1 12 10-3 £5,720 Bill Smith E R Courage
4 Money Market 14/1 8 10-3 £2,785 Jeff King C Bewicke
5 The Dikler 20/1 12 11-13 - Ron Barry Fulke T Walwyn
6 Manicou Bay 40/1 9 10-7 - Bob Champion Josh Gifford
7 Southern Quest 33/1 8 10-6 - S Shields W E Fletcher
8 Glanford Brigg 20/1 9 11-4 - Martin Blackshaw J Hardy
9 Hally Percy 66/1 11 10-00 - Macer Gifford William Arthur Stephenson
10 Rag Trade 18/1 9 10-4 - John Francome A J Pitt

Non Finishers

Horse Fence Reason Starting Price Age Handicap Jockey Trainer
Junior Partner 2 Fell 18/1 8 10-00 Ken White Thomas Frederic Rimell
Clear Cut 2 Fell 20/1 11 11-1 Tommy Stack W Hall
Rough House 4 Fell 12/1 9 10-12 John Burke Thomas Frederic Rimell
Zimulator 4 Fell 100/1 8 10-00 Donald Swan D G Swan
Castleruddery 5 Refused 28/1 9 10-4 Ted Walsh Peter McCreery
Spittin Image 6 Fell 50/1 9 10-00 Michael Cummins P Woods
Barona 6 Fell 40/1 9 10-8 Paul Kelleway Roddy C Armytage
April Seventh 6 Brought Down 28/1 9 11-00 Andy Turnell Bob Turnell
Royal Relief 7 Fell 22/1 11 11-1 John Oaksey E R Courage
Ballyrichard Again 8 Unseated Rider 40/1 10 10-1 Anthony Webber J Webber
Tudor View 13 Brought Down 100/1 9 10-1 Gerry McNally P J Upton
Feel Free 13 Fell 66/1 9 10-00 Taffy Salaman M James
Shaneman 15 Pulled Up 100/1 10 10-8 Peter Greenall M Greenall
Land Lark 15 Fell 14/1 10 10-1 Graham Thorner T Pocock
Even Dawn 15 Pulled Up 50/1 8 10-4 David Mould Wainwright
Ballyath 17 Pulled Up 100/1 9 10-00 Jimmy Bourke Donald ‘Ginger’ McCain
Rough Silk 19 Refused 28/1 12 10-8 Luis Urbano E J O’Grady
High Ken 21 Fell 28/1 9 11-1 Barry Brogan J A C Edwards
Beau Bob 22 Fell 100/1 12 10-1 Jeremy Glover Stan Mellor
Kilmore Boy 25 Fell 40/1 9 10-2 Philip Blacker Alan Peter Jarvis
Glen Owen 26 Fell 18/1 8 10-00 Dennis Atkins Neville Franklin Crump

A Deserving L’Escargot

As we all remember Red Rum, it is important to recognise that L’Escargot had three previous attempts at the race in1972,1973 and 1974 all under the same jockey Tommy Carberry. except for his first attempt which was an epic failure, he improved by a place each time, first taking third place, then second and ultimately getting the win in 1975. He was naturally ging to be a favourite but was somewhat overshadowed in the run up with the media coverage given to Red Rum. Notably, Tommy Carberry, L’Escargot’s jockey was the first ever in 1975 to win the golden three; The Gold Cup, Irish National and the Grand National.

At 12 years old, L’Escargot was retired and took residence with his trainer for a short while. After trying him at another race; because he didn’t bode well trotting around a field, he took a respectable third place. He finally returned to his owners where he lived on for a further 10 years.

Pub Quiz Knowledge

A hugely popular pub quiz question, that will be repeated for the rest of time will be; Name the only horses to have beaten Red Rum in the Grand National. L’Escargot being the one in 1975 and Rag Trade in 1976.

Race Goer Attendance Figures In 1975

The property developer, called Bill Davies who was running the Grand National at the time decided to increase the ticket price for sales this year which actually made the 1975 one of, if not the lowest attended Grand National. It certainly backfired on him and in the end he took out and agreement with Ladbrokes to oversee the running of the event.

1975 GN racecard with notes