1974 Grand National: Results, Runners & Fallers

Red Rum took his double, despite not being the favourite, he stole the show. His win was astonishing. Carrying the top weights of 12-00 due to the previous win and seasons form. He crossed the line a vast 25 lengths ahead of the runner up L’Escargot. His trainers and owners in the run up had only one thing in mind and Red Rum certainly delivered.

Watching Red Rum take the win in 1974 just shows what a fantastic horse he was. As he approached the last fence, he still looks strong and glides over without fault.

Top Handicap Weights For Red Rum

Lets remember horses now are not expected to carry such big weights of 12 stone. In 2009, the handicapping weights were reduced to a maximum of 11stone 10 pounds.  So Red Rum clearly truly was a trooper in 1974 and the years that followed with his successes.

Scout: The Punters Favourite

Red Rum was overlooked by punters in the betting ring. All were clearly thinking he surely wouldn’t be able to get round with 12 stone in tow. He was priced at 11/1which will have certainly given those that trusted him a pretty return.

Scout, ridden by Tommy Stack was the leading fancy, as he had wins for his previous three races and with a handicap of 10 stone; all thought the momentum of the season would be in his favour. Scout did finish, although just outside the top 10, at 11th. Interestingly he never returned to the Grand National again.


Non Finishers

Horse Fence Reason Starting Price Age Handicap Jockey Trainer
Royal Relief 1 Fell 18/1 10 11-6 John Oaksey E R Courage
Go-Pontinental 3 Fell 100/1 14 10-00 John Suthern David Nicholson
Sixer 4 Brought Down 66/1 10 10-00 Taffy Salaman G Clay
Bahia Dorada 6 Pulled Up 100/1 9 10-2 Joe Guest J Pullen
Karacola 8 Brought Down 100/1 9 10-00 Colin Astbury William Arthur Stephenson
Culla Hill 8 Fell 100/1 10 10-8 Norton Brookes S G Norton
Deblin's Green 8 Brought Down 25/1 11 10-00 Nigel Wakley G H Yardley
Rough House 8 Fell 14/1 8 10-6 John Burke Thomas Frederic Rimell
Huperade 8 Fell 100/1 10 10-12 Mr John Carden George R Owen
Argent 8 Brought Down 50/1 10 11-10 Bobby Coonan E Cousins
Beggar's Way 9 Refused 66/1 10 10-2 Vic Soane S N Cole
Shaneman 10 Unseated Rider 50/1 9 10-2 Ben Hannon T Taaffe
Beau Bob 11 Fell 100/1 11 10-00 Jeremy Glover Stan Mellor
Straight Vulcan 18 Fell 15/1 8 10-8 Ron Barry Gordon W Richards
The Tunku 18 Pulled Up 100/1 8 10-1 Richard Evans Donald ‘Ginger’ McCain
Glenkiln 19 Fell 50/1 11 10-2 Reg Crank Donald ‘Ginger’ McCain
Estoile 19 Fell 66/1 10 10-00 Ron Hyett Michael J Scudamore Snr
Cloudsmere 20 Carried Out 100/1 10 10-4 Paul Kelleway Roddy C Armytage
Wolverhampton (2) 25 Pulled Up 25/1 7 10-00 Raymond Quinn T F M Corrie
Mill Door 26 Fell 100/1 12 10-2 Jimmy McNaught R Blakeney
Astbury 26 Pulled Up 66/1 11 10-00 William Jenks John Philip Bissill
Pearl Of Montreal 27 Pulled Up 50/1 11 10-00 Tommy Kinane L Greene
Francophile 27 Refused 16/1 9 10-5 Richard Pitman E McNally
Stephen's Society 27 Pulled Up 40/1 8 11-5 Chris Collins William Arthur Stephenson
Roman Holiday 27 Pulled Up 66/1 10 10-7 Jeff King C Bewicke

1974 GN racecard with notes


Fast Forward 43 Years: A Very Late Bet Cashed In For The 1974 Race

Some 43 years after the race in 1974, a chap named Bob Holmes was sorting through his late father -in laws documents and papers. He came across a crumbled up bet slip for the 1974 race. Stating “1. Red Run to win 3.15pm”. Seeing it was a bet placed with William Hill, he took it to them and they confirmed the winning bet slip had never been cashed. They honoured the bet, inflating the win price to the value at that time (2017) and gave him £130. They also gave the same amount to charity of Bob’s choice stating that it was indeed the longest unclaimed bet slip they had on record, the previous one being only 7 years in comparison.